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2023 Worldwide Custom Catio Builders



There are now more custom catio builders worldwide than at any time in human history. Further, the quality and craftsmanship exhibited by these builders have never been better. If you desire a cat patio, check out the list below to find a builder. And please let me know in the comments if I missed anyone.


If there are no builders in your area, try showing photos of catios you like to a carpenter or contractor. Otherwise buy a prefabricated catio or go the DIY route. Between custom, prefab, and DIY, catios should be accessible to all cat guardians. If there is a will, there is a way! 😻


Wishing everyone a PAWsome 2023! 🐾
Catio Guy




Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM
The Catio Man
Gopal Sittnick
(505) 720-8947


Athens, Georgia
Catio Bob – Robert Johnson
(706) 338-8488


Austin, TX
Oren and Ben Gil
(512) 436-0592


Austin, TX
Affordable Catios
Bob Powell
(512) 573-8399


Bay Area (Santa Cruz to San Jose)
Bay Area Catios
David Carnaghe
(831) 227-3133


Bend & Central Oregon
Elwing Works, LLC
Jonathan and Jennifer Elwing
(541) 639-7103


Cleveland, OH
Creations by Eric
(530) 957-4343


Dallas, TX (Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth)
Todd Steincamp
(940) 222-7114


Denver, CO
(303) 905-0328


Denver, CO (and Nation Wide)
Cat Topia
(720) 201-0591


Long Island, NY
2 Brothers Catios and Creations
(516) 813-7085


Los Angeles, CA
Custom Catios (AKA Catio Guy)
(323) 905-4695


Orlando, FL
Catio World
(312) 210-3558


Phoenix, AZ (Chandler) 
Cat Man Dan
‭(702) 622-6510‬


Portland, OR
Catio Craftsman
Michael Jaeger
(206) 636-1209


Salisbury, MD
Phil’s Custom Catios
Philip LoMedico
(443) 921-6057


San Antonia, TX
Cypress Catios
Jacob Doss
(210) 840-5088


San Diego, CA
Catios By Clear Choice
(760) 535-2202


Savannah, GA
His Servants Construction
(912) 665-9032


Seattle, WA
Catio Spaces
Cynthia Chomos
‭(206) 919-0107


Snohomish (Skagit & Whatcom), WA
K & E Catios and Dog Enclosures
Kari & Eric




Elite Cat Enclosures
61 408 899 892


Bayside Pet Enclosures
Karl Slater
0401 300 239


Melbourne (Wandin North)
Cat Kingdom Enclosures
0425 711 723


Melbourne (Mornington)
Custom Cat Runs
Greg Cole
0417 522-405




British Columbia (Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley)
Beautiful World Living Environments
(250) 216-4723


Fox’s Custom Catios
587 717 1395


Hellas Custom Catios
Don & Yvette


Kamloops, BC
City Kitty Catio
(250) 299-4155


South Okanagan Valley, BC
Catabitat Contracting and Construction
Michael David Lockhart
(250) 864-5471


Southern Ontario
Canadian Catios
226 376 3226


Vancouver, BC
Rebecca Jacobs


Winnipeg Cat Carpenter
(204) 408-4448




Eindhoven, Netherlands
0499 374395


Dan’s Dens Pet Enclosures
07789 300 778


Madrid, Spain


Wales, UK
Custom Cat Creations
077 4000 3577


Yorkshire, UK
Catio King
44 7702 867020



Affordable Catios (Austin, TX)
Bay Area Catios (Santa Cruz to San Jose)
The Catio Craftsman (Portland)
Catios by Clear Choice (San Diego)
Catabitat Contracting and Construction (South Okanagan Valley, BC)
CatManDo Catios of Austin, TX
The Catio Man of Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Catio Man of Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico
Fox’s Custom Catios (Calgary, Canada)
Elwing Works (Bend and Central Oregon)
Beautiful World Living Environments (British Columbia)
Catios and Coops (Sacramento, CA)
Catios Bellato (Beunos Aires, Argentina)
The 2 Brothers of Long Island, NY
Custom Catios (Los Angeles, CA)
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