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All the Cool Cats Want Catios According to Catster

Cool Cats

This month’s Catster magazine issue has a great article, All the Cool Cats Want Catios, by Kate Benjamin. The article eloquently begins with the benefits of a catio:

There are numerous reasons to get a catio for your cat. Let’s start with enrichment. A catio provides your cat with access to the outdoors — fresh air, sunshine, a view of wildlife. By expanding cats’ territory, catios provide them with additional space to explore. All of these things promote health and wellness and reduce stress. Additionally, cats are able to enjoy these benefits while remaining safe from outdoor threats. You can protect your cat from all the evils that free-roaming cats encounter, while also protecting wildlife from your cat.

Kate then discusses different types of catios before ending with whether to DIY, buy and assemble a kit, or rely on the professionals. Those questions likely depend on your skillset, time, and budget. We at Custom Catios are ready once folks living in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding areas are ready to turn to the professionals.

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