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Article: Crafting The Perfect Feline Funland

Journalist, Becca Evans, speaks to three catio experts – @jake.the.bengal‘s guardian Amber, our friend and former guest blogger Toni at @catio_living, and yours truly – about the best ways to deck out the interior of a cat enclosure. The must read piece includes these nuggets:

Amber: “Just keep changing it,” she says to anyone considering a catio. “They’re cats, they’re curious. They like to explore. When they start to get used to something, put in something else. Throw them a curveball.”

Toni: Toni says they installed bird feeders around the outside of the catio and after the birds realized they were in no danger from the cats on the other side of the mesh, they quickly became the cats’ favorite form of entertainment. She says adding a bit of mood lighting is always a good idea; a few solar lights are an inexpensive way to add a great look in the evenings.

Catio Guy (Alan): Beds are great not just because cats like beds but also because it gives them a place to leave their scent.” He thinks every catio should have a sign on it as well. “You should name your catio.” He says the mesh around the outside of the catio gives owners opportunities to embellish with anything from fake butterflies to long, winding vines.

These fun ideas are merely the tip of the iceberg. For more great interior decorating tips check out the entire article. And while you’re at it, Becca’s 2019 article, A Beginner’s Guide to the Catio – Cat Patio – Trend, is superb.


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