Safe and enriching cat enclosures



When it comes to cats, vertical space is far more important than square footage. Furbabies need things to climb and high perches to check out the world below. Multi-level shelf space is also critical to cat harmony due to their hierarchical nature. With that backdrop, the Brea catio is “The Bomb” – as the kids like to say.

Including the ground and the ramp exiting the cat door, the enclosure has six levels! Ollie, Inky, and Smokey Joe are going to get along just fine, thank you! And, in case the 9 shelves -including an 8 foot long carpeted platform at the top – were not enough fun for the gatos, we installed a 9.5 foot sisal rope pole along the right side of the enclosure. How do you say “Awesome” in cat?

The cat parents are equally happy with the way the colors and catio lines are a perfect fit for their lovely home.

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