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On the heels of a feature in the national design, architecture, and technology magazine/website Dwell, comes another feature article in the well-known and well-respected Business Insider titled, “This $70,000 backyard amenity isn’t even for you — it’s for your cat.” Of course, Business Insider went with the most histrionic title imaginable! I did, in fact, relay to the author the price of our most expensive catio to date, but added that about 75% fall between $5,000 and $15,000. I was happy to see a paragraph on resale included which is a tidbit that surprises many catio clients:

“I can’t speak to every house in every situation, but I have a lot of clients where they sold their house and moved into a new house in LA, and so we built them another catio,” he said. “Uniformly, they all say that their winning bid for their previous house were cat owners and they got higher bids because they loved the catio.”

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