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Catio Cats Live Longer Happier Lives

Catio cats live longer lives

Average Cat Lives

Catster surveyed 10 reputable websites to determine how long cats live. Many factors determine feline lifespan including, “Environment, maintenance, health, and whether the cat is spayed or neutered.” The bottom line is that indoor cats live about three times as long as outdoor cats. Or 16.875 years for indoor pets versus 5.625 years for outdoor cats. Those are essentially the same numbers mentioned on our Top 10 Catio Benefits page. The article is well worth reading for its many fascinating tidbits, including:

  • Spaying and neutering removes risk of certain diseases thereby extending lives
  • Mixed breeds live longer than purebred cats
  • Female cats live one to two years longer than male cats

Indoor Cat Risks

However, according to the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), keeping cats solely indoors also comes with risks including boredom, lack of stimulation, lack of exercise, obesity, stress associated disease, and increased behavioral problems.

The solution, according to veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker of Healthy Pets is to give “your cat the opportunity to experience the outdoors safely, while also living indoors, providing the stimulation your cat needs mentally without the risks of free roaming.” Two options that achieve this successful mix are walking cats on a leash and catios.

The Perfect Catio

Dr. Becker then lists many “Elements of a Perfect Catio” including a pet door, walkways installed at various heights, scratching posts, and high-up lounging spots. She concludes, “By providing this outlet to the outdoors to your cat, you’re helping her to express her natural cat instincts while providing the valuable mental and emotional stimulation that she needs to thrive.” Exactly!

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