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Catio Colors

Choosing a catio color is one of the most important decisions clients make. Most cat guardians want enclosures that blend in well with their homes and are not eyesores. Others prefer structures that pop or are more akin to art pieces. The best way to discover your taste is to view previous catios, including the 185+ enclosures on our website. When viewing catios keep in mind that there are essentially 5 style categories:
• Match white trim
• Match the color trim
• Match house color
• Wood stain
• Bright colors
What follows is a handful of examples from each category with brief descriptions explaining the choices made. Please find an even more extensive list of examples on Facebook.

Match White Trim

Matching the white trim is the most common solution because it looks fantastic. This is exactly what @kittenxlady did here. That’s Eloise up high enjoying all the backyard goodness.

Generally speaking, whenever you have a white balcony or white pillars, it’s a wise decision to go with a matching white structure.
When filling in areas around white pillars, best practices dictate sticking with white.

Match Color Trim

The same concept works well when the trim is a non-white color, usually but not always, on a neutral or white colored home. Here, you can see the blue trim around the doors and on the fascia board.
Here the catio matches the extensive green trim around the windows and doors.
One can never go wrong matching dark brown trim.

Match House Color

Matching the house color works great when you have a continuous wall between the enclosure and the house.
Matching the house color also works well with big houses where the catio almost disappears.
White on white is also a popular route.

Wood Stain

Most enclosures away from the home and in a green area go with wood stains.
There is a wide range of wood stains. Here the client went with a light gray stain to match the nearby trees.
Wood stains are also great for garden runs.

Bright Colors

The last category is random bright colors. This bright blue is the official color of the @catcafelounge in West LA which made it a no-brainer.
Purple enclosure matched a far away door but ended up looking great surrounding an orange tree.
Gold catio also look fabulous with gold surroundings.
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