Safe and enriching cat enclosures


Catio towers are our smallest catios and take about 2.5-days to complete. They start at $5,000+ and can be great solutions for one or two cats. It enables the furballs to get fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and plenty of stimulation. Doubly so if the backyard is as beautiful as this one.

Every day for a year prior to this build the unhappy furball marked outside the litter box. The day the kiddo gained access to the new floating catio, the marking stopped. Cat enclosures can and do dramatically improve lives.

This looks like a nice simple catio but actually involved a lot of customization by my team. End product looks fab, and any time you get a photo with 3 cats looking at the camera is a win!

This large, tall catio was built around a gorgeous tree. Check out the amazing craftsmanship of my team, especially around the tree limbs at the top. There is a second balcony catio at the top!

The catio is freestanding and required additional cross support which added to its beauty. Inside is a next-level cat-Disneyland that will forever keep the furballs on their paws.

One of our largest floating (doesn’t touch the ground) catios we have ever built. And certainly one of the most beautiful enclosures, too. Soooo many levels and fun cat elements for the kittens (and cats) to enjoy!

When cats cannot come inside the home, giving them an entire garage plus a nice size catio is an excellent solution. These cats are living a very good life!

We spray painted 2″ x 2″ silver wire mesh white to comply with HOA rules, which looks great. Yoshi, who is a big personality cat, loves every inch of the catio, including the loft ladder in front of the ┬ábrick chimney, and the cats steps and climbing pole on the opposite side.

When you don’t have space for a catio, go high! This Pasadena enclosure is essentially two back-to-back high runs. The cats get fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of stimulation, making the catio an excellent solution.

Screened-in the second-story balcony of a Santa Monica condo for a high-energy bengal cat named Rufio. Rufio is a tough customer but the guardians say the catio has made a world of difference in his behavior.

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