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Choosing A Catio Location

PetCareRx lists a few important factors to consider when choosing a catio location:

  • Ease Of Access.
    The best location for catios is near doors or exterior windows that make it easy for your cat to enter directly into her catio. Cat doors are available in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and colors. Install a cat door in a window, door, or even a wall.
  • Size
    It is important to keep the overall size of your yard in mind and how many cats you want to occupy the catio. All cats love vertical spaces so you should be able to maximize small areas by adding shelves and vertical perches.
  • Strong Foundation.
    The foundation is everything. Make sure you choose a level surface to build your catio for optimum results. If there isn’t level ground at a place of your convenience, then you can level it by adding more soil or simply choose to change the location of the catio to the deck or patio.
  • Shade/ Sun
    The ideal location would be a location where your cat can enjoy the sun as well as get some shade. Just like how humans love tanning, cats love to bask in the warm sunlight. But you should also provide her with some sort of shade so she can have it if she pleases.

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