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Coyotes Attack Woman Trying To Defend Her Cat

Coyote in wild

Another terrifying story about coyotes attacking and killing a cat is being reported by the Santa Cruz Sentinel. This one is made all the worse because the cat’s owner was also attacked trying to save her pet. Unfortunately the woman ended up undergoing rabies treatment after being bitten and scratched by two coyotes. Sadly, the cat died. From the article:

“There has been an uptick in reports of pets attacked by coyotes in the Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County areas, Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter General Manager Melanie Sobel said.

“It’s happening more and more because people are letting their cats roam free,” Sobel said. “There’s no law against it, but we recommend that pet owners build enclosures or ‘catios.’”

A “catio” is a screened or enclosed area outside the home where cats can get a sense of the outdoors, Sobel said.

The attacks, she said, are including small dogs.

“There is plenty of deer, but pets are like shooting fish in a barrel. They’re fenced in. They’re easier prey,” Sobel said.”

The only way a cat should be outdoors is inside a protected catio.

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