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Custom Catios Featured on Jackson Galaxy’s New Animal Planet Show ‘Cat vs Dog’

Custom Catios was featured on Saturday’s Animal Planet show “Cat vs. Dog” starring cat guru Jackson Galaxy and dog whisperer Zoe Sandor. In the episode titled, “My Animals Are Going To Get Me Evicted!“:

Jackson and Zoe meet Tami, whose three dogs terrorize her two cats, Esmeralda Beyonce and Cozy Cosette. Tami’s solution? A rooftop cat sanctuary atop her guest house, complete with scratching posts, food and water stations, and law chairs.

When Tami insists that her cats need to be outdoors to be happy, Jackson turns to Custom Catios to build an amazing catio. Together with Jackson, we designed and built a super deluxe, deck-out catio that helped solve all of Tami’s pet problems.

Working with Jackson Galaxy was an amazing experience! He has a crazy amount of cat knowledge and may be an even nicer person in real life than he appears to be on television.

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