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Expert Builder Q&A #1 with Catio Bob

Expert Catio Series

This is the first Q&A in a series of interviews with catio experts from around the world. My hope is to learn from the best catio builders on the planet and pass on that knowledge far and wide.

Catio Bob

Based in Athens, Georgia, @catiobob is a true expert whose cat enclosures I have long admired for their craftsmanship and personality. He is also a fantastic human with a great sense of humor (see the “Get Ur Butt Outside” stickers on his website. He is definitely worth a follow and, if you live in or around Athens, give him a call!

  1. What materials do you use? Anything unique?

Materials used are untreated 2×4’s for panel frames, sanded finished plywood for walkway, platforms and ramps. For mounting platforms if used I use 2×6 treated and treated deck boards. Mesh is 16ga galvanized 1”x1” openings. All wood is painted with waterproof solid color stain. Roofing is grey polycarbonate corrugated panels or 20ga 3 rib panels on request. Insect screen overlay is the screen tight screening system.

  1. Can you share three best practices and/or tips you’ve developed over time?

Building practices- prefabricating panels so as Catios are fast to install. Use of construction screws so they can be disassembled and relocated or if desired reconfiguration of walkways and platforms within Catio. The use of fire hose for walkway connectors and vertical scratch strips. Offering external litter box both single and double that can be cleaned without going into the Catio.

  1. Do you have a favorite catio story?

My favorite Catio story is building a Catio for a local animal shelter and having them comment on how it increased the adoption rate for the kitties and their matches with new families has been so much better due to kitties being happy and showing their true personality more so than being in metal cages.

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