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Expert Builder Series #11 With Bespoke Aviaries

Expert Builder Series

This is the eleventh Q&A in a series of interviews with catio experts from around the world. My hope is to learn from the best catio builders on the planet and pass on that knowledge far and wide.

Bespoke Aviaries

Today we head across the pond to the United Kingdom to speak with Stephen Hearne of Bespoke Aviaries. Yes, these guys are so talented that they design and build amazing killer catios and amazing aviaries. The catios standout for their bright colors, loooong runs, and cool cat ladders.

Questions & Answers

  1. What materials do you generally use? Anything unique?

As for materials always use the best for the job in hand, you don’t want to re-visit as this costs money. For example we used to use exterior plywood for shelves and ladders etc., after a year or so the plywood laminates started to come apart and we ended up visiting all customers and replacing everything this time using marine plywood, twice the price but no rework.

If fitting a covered roof don’t use cheap corrugated plastic panels pay more and use conservatory grade flat we use 10mm clear or bronzed.

Use a 4 inch x 2 inch pressure treated base for the Catio it keeps the panels off the ground and takes up any unevenness of the ground and also acts as an anchor.

  1. Can you please share at least three best practices and/or tips you’ve developed over time?

The way we manufacture here in the UK maybe somewhat different to people in other parts of the world. We manufacture in kit form so assembling on site normally takes no longer than three hours from start to finish, every screw has been pre drilled and inserted into position as the Catio has been assembled in our unit all shelves, ladders, scratching post etc. positioned and numbered, so on site it is number 1 to number 1 etc.

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