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Expert Builder Series #8 With Casey’s Catios

Expert Builder Series

This is the eighth Q&A in a series of interviews with catio experts from around the world. My hope is to learn from the best catio builders on the planet and pass on that knowledge far and wide.

Casey’s Catios

Casey Jimerson, who operates Casey’s Catios out of Sandy, Oregon (25 miles from Portland), is our second straight expert builder from Oregon. Located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, it is no surprise that Casey does an amazing job incorporating natural components into his unique creations. Most of his catios include trees and branches, and have an overall beautiful rustic feel. Truly gorgeous work!

Questions & Answers

  1. What materials do you generally use? Anything unique?

I always try to use real wood (pressure treated) and incorporate parts of nature such as tree branches to bring that natural feel inside the catio. It helps that we live in the Pacific NW 🙂 Any branches we use have already fallen or come down on their own. That gives it a very unique and personal touch.

  1. Can you please share at least three best practices and/or tips you’ve developed over time?

i. Always sandwich the screen material between the wood to ensure predators don’t pull the screen free.

ii. Using pocket door hardware for a sliding door instead of a typical swinging door for space saving and a clean look.

iii. Having a heavy test cat to ensure proper length of ramps/perches and no sagging is very helpful.

  1. Do you have a favorite catio story?

My favorite one was the first one I built and I had to sell my wife on putting it on the front of our house using the entire porch. She initially wanted it to be on the back of the house. Now it’s our favorite part of the home. We have added several new cubby/hiding spots, ramps, tunnels and scratch posts. The cats spend most of their time there and birds perch on the sides. Luckily we live in a cul-de-sac with a secluded front yard.

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