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The Jubilant Joyous Jungle Catio

Jungle Catio

There are catios and then there is the Jungle Catio which is a whole different breed of cat enclosure. It is massive. It is innovative. It is unique. And it is beautiful. Welcome to the jungle!

This mammoth stand alone structure is more than 30′ from top to bottom and more than 25′ across. Note the two full size palm trees jutting out the top. Let’s take a closer look at the innovative design:

Chimney and Bridge

The gatos enter / exit via a custom through the French door window pane cat door. Then they head up a spiral staircase inside a protected chimney before crossing a ten foot bridge into the enclosure.



























Note the small access door on the chimney which allows for cleaning and / or grabbing the cats in case of emergency. Also see the Custom Catios logo which gives clients confidence in the workmanship and quality of the product.

Love this shot of Chaga elevated in the bridge with the gorgeous tropical background. Pretty sure he is one happy customer.

Another furball inside the bridge showing off the incredible carpentry work of my team.

Lush Interior

We successfully incorporated the trees, bushes, plants, and other vegetation on the hillside. The cats love running and frolicking in the outdoors.

Exit the bridge and enter a lush wonderland!
Shadow in the middle of amazing vegetation.

So much room for Shadow and Chaga to frolic in nature.



























Two massive palm trees were incorporated into the design. Note, the male cat does climb one of the trees!


While we wanted to give the cats plenty of room to “smell the roses” and other plants, we also wanted to make the enclosure as stimulating as possible. Thus, we catified the heck out of the catio!






















Great shot of the super long ramps, shelves, and hiding boxes with cat cutouts.






















Looking back in the other direction.

This shot really captures how well the structure — ramps and shelves – blend in with the natural backyard. That’s Chage on the left and Whiting on the right.


Final shot captures the incredible vertical space of the catio. That’s Chaga next to the palm tree!

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