Safe and enriching cat enclosures


Know Thy Catio Competition

Fact: Cats should never be allowed to freely roam outside. It is too dangerous for cats and too dangerous for the wild small animal population.

Choice: Relegate cats to the indoors or build an outdoor cat enclosure that protects cats from predators.

Recommendation:  We are, of course, a catio company so we are biased towards catios. They are clearly the best solution for happy cats and pet owners.

That said, many factors like space, affordability and needs should impact your catio buying decision. While we’d love to design and build your catio, we ultimately want to see more cats in catios. Thus, we have no problem promoting our catio competition. Before making a decision definitely check out these options:

Catio Spaces has some great DIY options.

Habitat Haven has more DIY kits.

Purrfect Catio still more DIY choices including a bunch for apartments.

Catbitats has some cool cat runs.

Backyard Cat Enclosures has great options but Australia location may limit practicality.

ProtectaPet for Brits.

The Cat Carpenter for Texans.

Wayfair for big company options.

Bed Bath & Beyond for a another big box retailer.

Please feel free to email other good options (or leave in comments) and I will add them to the list.

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