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News Media Coverage of Custom Catios and Catio Guy

Catio Guy (aka Alan Breslauer) owns and operates Custom Catios. While both have received extensive media attention over the years, there appears to be a recent uptick in coverage. Perhaps the pandemic, which led to increased adoptions of cats, kittens, and dogs, has spurred the news media to write about catios.

Just last month Bloomberg published a national article featuring me and a couple former Custom Catios’ clients. Journalist Becca Evans wrote about “Crafting the Perfect Feline Funland” the previous month. And a third article in three months just dropped on Popular Science.

Below are links to previous coverage featuring Catio Guy and Custom Catios:

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Bloomberg: How to Unite Cat and Bird Lovers? Build a Catio (June 2021)

Carrie Ann Conversations: 3 Catio Experts on Crafting The Perfect Feline Funland (May 2021)

Kitten Lady (video): Building a Catio for my Cats (February 2021)

Toluca Lake Magazine: Patios for Pets (March 2020)

StyleCaster: A Beginner’s Guide to the Catio — Cat Patio – Trend (April 2019)

VoyageLA: Meet Alan “Catio Guy” Breslauer of Custom Catios (March 2019)

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The Purrington Post: The Moral Case for Catios (March 2018)

“Cat vs Dog” with Jackson Galaxy on Animal Planet: My Animals Are Going To Get Me Evicted (December 2017)


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