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Pawsome House of Nekko Cat Home

House of Nekko

We recently toured the pawsome Peter J. Cohen House of Nekko home in Santa Barbara. Featured on Animal Planet and HouzzTV, among others, the home to 24 cats and two humans is amazing. With over 300 linear feet of cat runs and 16 tunnels connecting rooms, it is mind-blowing. Every room seems to top the next in originality, detail, and fun. Forget Disneyland, the House of Nekko is clearly the happiest place on earth.

Zen By Cat

And it gets better. Peter also runs ZenByCat, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that raises awareness and funds to find a cure for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). It’s a deadly disease that affects about 2% of all cats. One can support their efforts to find a cure by donating money or shopping for products on the website.

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Photos of all 24 cats living in the House of Nekko

A smart home tracks everyone unique room

Every room has ample shelving










16 tunnels throughout the house



Some of the cutest cats ever




More beautiful cats










Lots of sisal rope pole climbing poles











Cool features and 300 plus feet of cat runs











So much fun!

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