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Screened-in Porch/Catios Solve The Mosquito Problem

Ankle Biter Mosquitos

🐱 Don’t let ankle-biter mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun in LA summers! 🌞 According to the LA Times, the pesky newcomer, first introduced in 2011, has been expanding. The “aggressive biter has the ability to pierce clothing and reproduce in water sources as small as a bottle cap. Flying low to the ground, they strike during the daytime, preferring human blood to that of birds or other animals. They often strike multiple times in rapid succession.”

These days, it’s not uncommon to find one’s legs full of little scratchy annoying bumps, which makes enjoying the outdoors a challenge. But fear not, screened-in porches/catios are the purr-fect solution for you and your fur family! 😺🌼

🌟 Advantages of Screened-In Porch /Catios 🌟

  • Keep Mosquitoes at Bay: Say goodbye to those itchy bites! Enjoy a mosquito-free zone while soaking up the sun. Go back to the days when you could enjoy an outdoor BBQ, have a beer or a glass of wine, or read a book without fear of the invasive Aedes mosquito.
  • Happy Cats: Your furry companions will adore their new safe haven, where they can watch birds, feel the breeze, and bask in the sun without any outdoor dangers.
  • Win-Win Situation: Protect your body, your peace of mind, and your cats’ well-being simultaneously. It’s a win for you and your fur babies!

📅 Start Planning Now!

Get ahead of the game and plan your screened-in porch/catio combo today so that you can enjoy spring and summer next year and beyond. We can help transform your backyard into a paradise for you and your feline friends. 🏡🐈

Ankle-biter mosquitoes and other pests will no longer steal your summer joy! 🚫🦟 If interested in learning more about a screened-in porch/catio investment, please contact us.  ☀️🐾

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