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VIDEO: Cats Playing in Orange Tree Catio is Pawsome!

Orange Tree Catio

Watch Hannah running, jumping, and playing with the kittens, Dottie and Trudy, in their new catio (cat patio) built around a hundred-year-old orange tree. The enclosure is connected to the house via a super long cat run that includes a sandbox / litter box at the midway point. The enclosure provides the cats safety from coyotes, cars, and other dangers while still giving the feline furballs access to the outdoors, nature, and wildlife (up-close exposure to birds, squirrels, and bugs). Because indoor only cats are apt to develop boredom related or stress-relieving behaviors, most cat experts including Pam Johnson-Bennett, Jackson Galaxy, The Cat Counselor, and the American Association of Feline Practitioners believe catios are the best possible solution for pet cats.

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