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Custom Catios Featured on ‘Cat vs Dog’ with Jackson Galaxy

Don’t miss the chance to see the expertise of Custom Catios’ team in action on Jackson Galaxy’s Animal Planet show, “Cat vs. Dog.” The full episode, “My Animals Are Going To Get Me Evicted,” is available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. For a quick glimpse of our work, check out the video below. Our segment starts shining around 2:30, and you can see our skilled team constructing the catio from 3:53.

Here are some standout Jackson Galaxy quotes from the episode:

  • “Why would you play Russian roulette with your cat’s life?”
  • “I want cats to be indoors because I want them to live. Cats out in the neighborhood will fight with other cats and spread disease. There’s coyotes around here. There’s birds of prey. There are plenty of things that conspire against Cozy Cosette or Esmeralda Beyonce from coming home every night.”
  • Our friend Alan over at Custom Catios is going to build your catio.”
  • “They did a great job creating the cat superhighway that we had in mind so that it goes all the way around. Everything about this works!”
  • “The cats are incredibly happy in the new catio.”

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