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VIDEO: Lakewood Catio Compound

The Lakewood Catio Compound is something to behold. Photos don’t really capture it’s magnificence so we hope this short video does a better job conveying the pure joy that the enclosure has brought to the cat family. The cats enter via a custom through the wall cat door and then take a long run alongside the home to a chimney which leads to a bridge that deposits the felines into the main structure.

Once inside the main catio, there’s plenty of stimulating accessories for the gatos including a floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing pole with a fireman’s circle. Also see the spiral staircase, super long run, and the peek-a-boo bubble bed.

Last but certainly not least is the long winding garden run alongside the pool. The video stars Peppermint, but the shy Spice also makes a few appearances. Enjoy!


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