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Cat Enclosure Reviews

Between 23 five star Yelp reviews and tons of positive emails, the client feedback on Custom Catios has been spectacular. Client satisfaction is our primary concern and we do everything in our power to make the catio designing, building, and purchasing experience as smooth and easy as possible. With that, we thought it would be helpful to look back at some of the emails and reviews we received over the last year.

Improved Cat Issues

Yes, Ollie already appears to be less stressed seeing the birds live and feeling the fresh air. – P.E.

As a veterinarian I am frequently recommending catios to clients to service a number of issues. They can help with some house soiling problems. They certainly keep these guys stimulated and the problem of bored indoor cat is addressed to some degree. I’m sure an inside cat would love to not be confined at all outside but that would leave them in danger of infectious diseases, coyotes, dogs, cars… you get the picture. This is the best of both worlds. – D.V.

The cats are SO happy! And they get along better because they have more of their own space if they need it.  – T.S.

It has helped tremendously with our very rambunctious 1 year old kitten who is very smart & very easily bored…no amount of playtime would tire her out or entertain her enough and she was wreaking havoc on the older cats and the peace of the household. The social enrichment they are all getting by laying in the sun, watching birds, butterflies & squirrels but not able to harm them (or get out and be harmed themselves by animals, cars, dogs, etc.) has made this investment worth every penny.  C.B.

Our cat that has anxiety now has cat mojo after the first day.  – C.E.

Our cats also seem to be getting much better since the catio was installed. – K.C.

I would recommend Custom Catios to anyone looking to improve the lifestyle of their cats. – S.J.

My kitties are very happy! – T.S.


You will love their workmanship and designs, and they are also very nice people to work with.  These guys are professionals in every way at what they do. – D.L.

But words can not describe the final job. Once it was all said and done the catio was nothing short of amazing. It is way better than what was expected, very stream line and well built. Every piece used is high end and you see right away it is built to last.  – C.E.

I am thrilled with the custom catio build for me by Custom Catios. It is exactly what I wanted, giving my cats a safe place to spend time outdoors without the risk of them leaving my yard.
It turned out beautifully, and perfectly meets my needs. – D.K.

The work that was done was excellent-the workers showed up on time and completed the work in 2 days. The area was cleaned up and left pristine. I highly recommend this company. Alan will take good care of you! – J.P.

Well the cats are loving the catio and spending most of their time there. Thank you again for doing a great job and delivering on what you promised, including being on time and communicating daily. – D.C.

Alan and team were game for the challenge and devised a plan that worked for us, the landlords and the cats.  It’s a perfect structure that can be disassembled when we leave, but is solid as a rock while we’re here. – E.V.

I just had a WONDERFUL catio installed at my home by Alan and his crew.  I HIGHLY recommend Catios for the safety of all cats and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Custom Catios to provide this great product.

Alan and everyone at Custom Catios are great. This was the easiest and most professional construction experience we have ever had. – K.K.


Chuck and I wanted to once again express our sincere gratitude to you and the entire team for all you have done for Inky, Ollie, and Smoky Joe. – P.E.

Thanks again so much…I appreciate the lovely catio & the cats love it a lot! – C.B.

Thanks again, your guys did a spectacular job and we are very happy with the results. And it was a complete pleasure working with all of you! – D.L.

Thanks to you they have a much better life now than in a cage at the shelter. – S.J.

To say we love our catio would be a huge understatement…it is AMAZING!  – C.B.

Our kitties absolutely LOVE the new catio. Alan and his team did an amazing job. They showed up on time, did a great job, cleaned up after themselves and were very respectful. They made sure all the trim matched our existing trim. I highly recommend them. – K.M.

Alan is the best, and my cats love their new outdoor space! – B.R.

We love our catio!  It’s honestly life changing. It’s a great way to get the cats (and all their stuff!) outside safely. Highly recommended! – J.C.

These guys really care about cats and their wellbeing. So happy for the cats, and for our peace of mind knowing that they can safely be outside. Thank you Custom Catios! – H.S.

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